Yahoo Mail Was Down This Morning

Yahoo Mail is Down

I don’t know if it was a worldwide thing, just for Thailand or something in-between. Internet access has been very slow at times for the past few days. Maybe it was something to do with the bot attacks I read about. I would never want a job as a sysadmin.

The error message is humourous but for someone for whom English isn’t their first language it is almost opaque. I think they could do a bit better to make the announcement informal but straightforward.

“We have a problem with our network. We know about it and we are fixing it now. Check back in about 10 minutes. Don’t change any settings on your computer – it is our problem. not yours. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”

Something like that. I know many users make random changes to their IP configuration when things stop working. That always makes things worse.


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