I’m thinking about trying to make some money from my photographs by submitting them to a stock agency. I found this one:

Shutterstock :: Make money with your photos!.

It’s free to join and they pay a minimum of 25¢ (US) for every photo downloaded by a subscriber.

Pictures of people are a challenge as they need signed model releases. But I have many other images.

I looked at samples of the pictures they already have for Thailand and they are the predictable postcard/tourist shots. I am sure I could post more interesting photos, but I have no idea if they are marketable.

Please comment if you have experience with Shutterstock or other agencies. Thanks!


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2 Responses to “Shutterstock”

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    […] By bkkphotographer I wrote here that I may try and sign up for a stock photo agency. It would be good to make some money from my […]

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    […] of good quality but rather boring pictures. (They look similar to the ones I saw when I searched Shutterstock some time ago.) I guess good quality but boring / uncontroversial is also “marketable” […]

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