My Old Canon EOS-300D

My Canon EOS-300D

My Canon EOS-300D

I still use my 2004-vintage Canon EOS-300D Digital Rebel. It has been reliable and takes perfectly acceptable photographs in most situations. It finish is faded and I lost the viewfinder eyecup a long time ago.

I bought it from Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto, California. I remember the salesman, Bill Graham. I wonder if he still works there. I had little idea about DSLRs and I recall him giving me a quick education about shooting in Raw.

Bill recommended I reject the 17-55mm EF-S kit lens and buy a EF 24-85mm instead. I think that was good advice. The original kit lens was not good. The camera, lens and a few accessories came to US$1,510 including tax.

Even today there are only two things that are hard to accept: the tiny LCD screen and it’s slow performance especially when shooting Raw and writing it to the card. The continuous shooting buffer is only 6 images.

The only reliability problem is that the Thai humidity has got to the flash hot shoe. Sometimes the camera does not realise that there’s a flash attached. My Canon EOS-30D has the same problem.

Today I keep it ready for use with a flash mounted. It’s fine for photography in and around the apartment. I rarely take it out any more. I like its inexpensive wireless remote control: very good for getting into a picture.

I’ll keep using it until something expensive goes wrong.

2 Responses to “My Old Canon EOS-300D”

  1. fontok69 Says:

    Ian, you need to get a new camera….
    I’ve been using a Canon 40D for about a year now…
    It’s very versatile. And, relatively cheap now that it’s an old model.
    …at least in America.

    • bkkphotographer Says:

      I have a Canon EOS-30D which is much faster than the 300D. It too is getting a bit long in the tooth – soon it will celebrate its third birthday. But it is still a great camera for my needs.

      New cameras are expensive here in Thailand. I bought the 30D in the States and had warranty problems when the shutter broke in Thailand. I should write a blog entry about that some time.

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