Lightroom User Interface Annoyance

Most of the time I am happy with the Lightroom u.i. the designers obviously took a lot of trouble to study the way photographers work. They have tried to make it logical and have good performance.

The thing that annoys me the most is the way the folder-tree and keyword-tree views behave.

In both cases the branches of the tree open seemingly at random. For example if I add a new keyword to a hierarchy most (but not all) of the tree opens and the panel scrolls upwards.

The images below show before and after views when I added the keyword Taurus to the hierarchy.


Lightroom Adding Keyword 1


Lightroom Adding Keyword 3

When I scroll through the keyword list I find that almost every branch has expanded to its full depth.

I wonder if I am hitting an edge case as my keyword hierarchy is very complex.

So the Taurus I added is:


But the folder tree shows the same strange behaviours and I don’t have a very deep or complex folder hierarchy.

It feels like someone has gone running through my house opening all the doors and windows. It’s easy to close things, but I wish Lightroom would not bother. Maybe it thinks it is trying to be helpful.

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