Photoshop Update

I did an assignment this morning photographing products. I loaded the Raw files into Lightroom 2.4 without problems. However, when I went to edit them in Adobe Photoshop CS4 it told me I needed to update the Camera Raw Plugin. That was another 75MB download on top of the 135B for Lightoom 2.4. Wow.


So I had to wait for 20 minutes for the bits to wing their way from California to Bangkok. It’s stressful as I’d be stuck if I could not edit the DNG files. Clients don’t want to hear about these issues.

I was fortunate this time and everything is working fine. I have no discernible user benefit for the over 200MB of downloading I have done. Was it worth it? I don’t know.

Note that Camera Raw 5.4 only works with Photoshop CS4. So if I had stuck with CS3 yet upgraded Lightroom to 2.4 I’d have been stuck.


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