Lightroom Database Backups

Here’s a useful Lightroom add-in to help back up and compress (zip) your catalog (database) and your configuration files. The latter are things like your presets and develop settings that are not part of the catalog. Indeed they are common to all databases under your Windows user id.

Config Backup Plugin | The Photo Geek. I quote from the web site:

The Config Backup plugin helps speed up and simplify backing up and compressing Lightroom files.  It adds two new menu items to the File menu’s Plug-in Extras sub-menu.

  1. Customisable Configuration Backups – Allows you to customise and manually trigger the backup and compression processes
  2. 1-Click Configuration Backup – Immediately backs up the Lightroom configuration files and Catalog backups using your previously configured settings, and optionally displays the results of the backup process.

Adobe have a Knowledge Base article here that tells you what’s stored where. I have 86 files in my Lightroom configuration but it’s only 180KB of data. I lost this when my Sony PC crashed which was inconvenient but not a disaster since my Lightroom catalog and photos were backed up.

My 616MB catalog compresses to about 60MB when it is zipped. Of course you could do this yourself but this little tool makes it easier.

Note this is nothing to do with backing up your images. You are still on your own here.


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