I live a very cloistered life in Bangkok. I’d never heard of the term chimping until I read about it here in a discussion about the best way to learn photography.

Chimping – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yes, I chimp with the worst of them. I do it more with the Nikon Coolpix P6000 because of its sloth in many situations. With My Canon EOS-30D I know it is fast (enough) and I don’t need to check as often.

Also, with a camera whose main composing mechanism is the LCD screen and a short preview period after the shot chimping is inevitable. The EOS-30D does not have Live View so I have to use the viewfinder. I’ll shoot a series of shots before making a conscious decision to check the result.

I rarely delete a shot on the camera unless it is obviously a disaster. No camera’s LCD is good enough to show the details in an image that I can get in Lightroom. Plus the fact that the light here in Bangkok is rarely good for checking the display.

This set of images is funny: Flickr photos of people chimping.

Like so many things about life in general and photography in paerticular – it’s hardly worth getting worked up about.

The article I was reading before I got distracted was “The Leica as Teacher” and the followup “Why it has to be a Leica“.  Very interesting.



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