They’re Filling in my View!

They're Filling in my View!

Despite the slow economy builders are constructing small apartment blocks all over my district of Bangkok. The area used to be full of modest single family homes and businesses. Developers buy half a dozen adjacent properties, demolish them and erect a 4-6 story block of modest (3,000B a month or less) apartments.

I guess that with the bad economy more people are coming to Bangkok to look for work. Not only from the countryside but from areas like Chantaburi or Rayong where there have been many layoffs from factories. Thus the demand is still there: I can see a dozen developments from my window.

In this case developers are squeezing a block into a space where I used to be able to see a busy shopping street. It was a good test of the resolving power of a long lens to see how much detail I could see in the street from 500 metres away.

Of course, I have no right to complain. About ten years ago developers built Sriwara Mansions where I live. It’s a 26 story monolith, completely out of scale for the neighbourhood. It must have ruined hundreds of views along with adding to the area’s traffic problems.

Such is progress.



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