Lightroom 2.4 Update

I updated my Lightroom to version 2.4 today. The download is 135MB. I left it to run last night after I completed my backups. It took the best part of an hour to download.

Again, I wish Adobe would make their updates smaller. I think this is the entire product. I’m sure in San Jose, California everyone has a fast connection. But they are serving an international market and not everyone is so fortunate.

I compacted and backed up my database before running the install for 2.4. Everything went smoothly. It installs in a new directory for 2.4 and silently uninstalls the prior version. I think that’s a bit rude but it is simple. I don’t know if it is possible to revert to 2.3 in the case of problems. Does it alter the database schema?


Installation complete dialogue box

I was worried that my add-ins would not work with 2.4. I have had that problem with Mozilla Firefox updates. But so-far-so-good – I have not had any problems.

I had to do a photoshoot for a friend immediately after completing the update. That’s the worst possible time to test new software.

But everything was fine and I tried burning a CD directly from Lightroom for the first time. (Previously I used Nero).

I discovered that CD burning is very simple (simplistic) in Lightroom but it did what I wanted. I printed a label using the Canon CD Label Print for my Canon MP610 printer and I was done. Sigh of relief!

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