‘The Parade’ – The Animated Life Blog – NYTimes.com

The Parade

‘The Parade’ – The Animated Life Blog – NYTimes.com.

I think this is a great set of images.

I haven’t been to New York for years, but I recall vividly the ‘street etiquette’ of never looking at anyone directly. Bangkok has some of that especially in the modern Westernized areas like shopping centres and Siam Square. But elsewhere people are much more willing to engage visually with others. Certainly a friendly farang will get smiles and curious stares outside the tourist haunts.

I am surprised the number of people who see me carrying a camera and ask me to take their picture – then thank me. It happened twice on my Thonburi walk on Sunday. I have not done an experiment but I think it happens 99% when I am carrying my full-sized Canon SLR with a telephoto lens. A compact camera doesn’t register with people.  I think my volunteer subjects are a bit disappointed that I use the compact to take the picture. I can’t explain that if I use a 75-300mm lens to take their picture from three feet away I’ll get an out of focus shot of their nostrils.



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