My Flickr Ration is All Used

I have uploaded my limit of photos to both my Flickr accounts: Ian Fuller & GB-in-TH. Fortunately the counter resets tonight so I can upload more tomorrow. I am too ‘kee-niaw’ (tight fisted, Cheap Charlie) to buy a subscription!

Actually, I had a subscription for many years but I let it lapse as part of my ‘moving to Thailand’ economy drive. I used to use it as a backup medium and uploaded every photo I took without much effort to keyword them, or add them to groups.

Now with a photostream limit of 200 photos and a 100MB/month upload limit I am far more selective. I try to ensure that each image is better than my average shot or of something (I think is) interesting. I keyword each image, carefully select the groups I post it to and geocode all of them.

It’s interesting how Flickr has become a bit of an obsession with many people. I spend far too much time selecting and uploading images. But more than occasionally I meet interesting people online that make it worthwhile.

It’s probably true that no matter how obscure your interest you can find a group about it on Flickr. That of course leads to other photographers with a similar interest.

For some reason, despite some superior features and the Google brand, Google’s Picasa Web Albums have not achieved anything like the same scope or community. Maybe I’ll write more about my ideas on that in a separate blog post.



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