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I discovered Cooliris via a note on – at

I downloaded it for the first time and enjoyed using it with Flickr. Even though my internet connection in Thailand isn’t that fast I was able to look at many Flikr images very quickly. It seems to be a good idea to give it some time to settle down by caching a load of images. Then you can move randomly around a 3D effect “wall” of images very quickly.

It is a add-on for Firefox and probably other browsers.

Flickr’s normal web interface is slow and clunky that I rarely look beyond the first few pages of images in a group. I suspect they make it like that to limit the load on their servers. If they made it too easy to navigate people would use it more – so it is a compromise.

You can also use it to browse images on other sites and on your computer. The latter isn’t much use to me. Why? Because of course it views the original images as I imported them to Lightroom. All my editing improvements are in the Lightroom database. Cooliris also does not display DNG or RAW files.

I am sure a Cooliris Lightroom addin would be a great success.

One thing I don’t understand – how do they monetize (make money on) this tool? It’s clearly the result of a lot of work from some very clever people. They don’t even show me ads. The economics of the web still mystify me.

If you try it, please post here and let me know what you think.



One Response to “Cooliris”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    Unfortunately Cooliris does not support the Chrome browser. It supports Firefox (PC & Mac). IE (PC) and Safari (Mac).

    I would have thought that Chrome support is easy given Firefox support. I wonder if it’s a demand issue.

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