I Have Sore Fingers!

Rotate images - inefficiently!

I took about 200 pictures yesterday (Sunday) with my Nikon Coolpix P6000 camera during my trip to Thonburi. I took more with my Canon EOS-30D. I took about 15% of the images in portrait orientation.

I took the subway from Hua Lamphong Station to home at Thailand Cultural Centre. It’s about a 20 minute journey. I spent the whole trip rotating my images correctly.

I know I have mentioned this before, but the software Nikon provide on the camera to do this is very annoying.

  1. You can use the wheel control on the top right of the camera or the four-way multi controller on the back to select an image. But you can only move serially through the images. The up/down arrows on the multi controller don’t do anything. I want them to move forward or backward a whole row of images. I think the reason Nikon don’t allow this is ‘user interface consistency’ with another tool on the camera. This is the one that allows you to mark a photo read-only. In this module you use up/down to mark/unmark an image. There is no such command in the Rotate tool – you can only rotate one image at a time. So the user interface designers must have thought it better to disable up/down.
  2. Every time I use the tool it positions the screen at the last image I took. So I have to move serially backwards or forwards increasing number of clicks to locate the next image that needs rotating. It could easily remember where I was last and start from there – reducing a lot of scrolling. But no – it wants to make the user work.

Of course it would be far quicker to rotate the photos in Lightroom. But if Nikon provide a tool then I think they should make it as good as possible. Again, this is their top-of-the-line compact.

Best of all is to make it unnecessary by implementing an orientation sensor in the hardware. But I’ve complained about that before.

So I got tired fingers rotating everything. I expect the other passengers on the train thought it was playing a video game. No, it wasn’t that much fun.

Enough carping about the faults of the camera. I was very pleased with the images I obtained on a sunny, not too humid day. I enjoy using the camera and I enjoy being able to see more-or-less exactly where each image was taken using its GPS unit.


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