Lightroom Import (Part 4)

These days I travel virtually since I don’t have the opportunity to travel in the real world. Sometimes I import to Lightroom photos I did not take from sites like Flickr.

If the original photographer has put keywords on her image then Lightroom attempts to import them. Sometimes it makes a real mess of it – as in the illustration above.

It failed to parse the keywords and made one very long one. This is the confirmation dialog box I got when I tried to delete it. I wonder if Lightroom can get a buffer overflow in this situation.

I think this shows what people complain about in the IPTC and XMP specifications – different photo apps are not truly inter-operable yet.

In my case I want to put my own keywords on my images. Even if Lightroom had parsed them correctly I would have deleted 95% of them. It did me a favour as I didn’t have to seek tham all out.

But what I want is an option in the Lightroom Import process not to import existing keywords from an image.

Sometimes I import photos I haven’t taken.

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One Response to “Lightroom Import (Part 4)”

  1. bkkphotographer Says:

    Clearly the software that wrote the keywords to the image used spaces as delimiters with quoted strings for keywords that include a space. Lightroom likes commas (or semicolons?) as separators.

    This is part of a bigger challenge for keyword matching – for example whether CASE is significant. I will write a post about that when I have sorted my thoughts out. I can see from the behaviour of the software that the Lightroom team must have battled with the problem for a long time. It tries so hard to DWIM but sometimes it fails unpredictably.

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