How to Remember Your Passwords

Here’s a good summary of password management techniques from the NY Times recently (June 24th, 2009).

How to Securely Manage All Your Passwords – Gadgetwise Blog –

I use Password Safe and it has worked well for me. It is free and available at

I had an error when I opened my safe that is documented at

Password Safe Error

Password Safe Error

I downloaded the zipped distribution and had to find the DLL that is missing from the simple installer.

That was version 3.17. 3.18 is available now. I hope they fixed that simple packaging bug.



One Response to “How to Remember Your Passwords”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    If you check for the latest version in the Help…About box of Password Safe 3.17 it tells you that version 3.18 is available. However if you go to to download it, the default gives you 3.17 again.

    I think 3.18 is in pre-release status. See

    I’ll wait for it to be the official release. I want a simple life (my constant refrain).

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