I Need a Tilt’n’Shift Lens!

I Need a Tilt’n’Shift Lens!

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

The (in)famous CyberWorld in Bangkok look complete on the outside.

They look like they are falling backwards in this snapshot.

I know I have been very rude about the image quality of my Nikon Coolpix P6000 compact. Even though this photo, shot on auto at ISO 758 (!) is very grainy, at a small size I think it is quite pleasing with no retouching in Lightroom.

Of course the built-in image stabilization saved the picture – it exposed for 1/9 sec. I held the camera close to my body to minimize shake. That’s one drawbavk with compacts with tiny or no viewfinders: the way we hold them away from our bodies contributes to fuzzy images.

I would never have taken my Canon SLR with its image stabilized lens on a short shopping trip. The Nikon is small and always on my belt.


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