Lightroom Import (Part 3)

Lightroom makes what is to me a strange choice of directory names when I choose to backup my imported files. I would have expected it to use the same folder structure as I chose for the images to be catalogued by Lightroom. That is what ACDSee does. But instead Lightroom invents folder names “Imported on ” + a text formatted date. I wonder why they did that?
Windows Explorer - Lightroom Import Backup
So today Lightroom added a directory called “Imported on 24 June 2009”. I guess they use the Windows locale to decide on the date format – mine is set to UK.

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2 Responses to “Lightroom Import (Part 3)”

  1. ictbus Says:

    ICTBUS online backup ( ) has a software tool /gui which does this for you. You can choose which file, what version/date and it will bring back the file in the original location.
    It’s a quality product which makes use of IBM Tivoli software =>

    • bkkphotographer Says:

      This looks like a corporate solution and nothing to do with an individual user backing up images for Lightroom.

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