Lightroom 2.4 is Available

The Adobe download site is here.

There’s nothing in the update that I need. I wish I was waiting for support for my Hasselblad! I have not experienced any of the bugs listed in the release notes.

Nevertheless I tried downloading it in the Thai evening – early morning in California – and the download was impossibly slow and eventually stopped completely. It’s 130MB + and internet speeds from Thailand are not great. I miss my cable modem from when I lived in California.

I can wait to download it. The Adobe servers are sure to be heavily loaded.

It’s a pity that Adobe have to make users download 130MB mainly to support more cameras. Isn’t there an easier way of making updates more modular and smaller? Many big company vendors have the idea that downloads are always¬† fast and free: look at the number and size of Microsoft updates. That’s not true worldwide!

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