Seim Effects

I downloaded the free Seim Effects sampler of 7 “Power Workflow 2” Lightroom develop presets last night. Actually there’s 14 because he publishes separate presets for RAW and JPG files. (I don’t understand the reasons for that, but I am just getting started.)

I don’t have a lot to say about them yet as I am still learning what they can do. So far my favourite is the “Dark Vignette” effect. It’s more subtle than any vignetting I have experimented with in Lightroom.

Gavin’s marketing approach with its gushy testimonials is a bit jarring to me, a reserved Englishman. If I were marketing something similar I would position it as a way to “enhance your Lightroom skills” rather than as a one-click miracle. I think photographers who’ve invested in Lightroom are more sophisticated than that. I’d like something that helps me achieve my own “look” rather than adopting someone else’s – no matter how clever.

For example, I use a certain set of camera settings (actually separate ones for my Canon EOS-30D (Picture Styles) and my Nikon Coolpix P6000) and then try a minimal set of enhancements in Lightroom to achieve a look I am happy with. It’s the integration of the two that I find is most interesting. One of my beefs about Lightroom is that it doesn’t understand Canon Picture Styles.

Still, I think he’s got some good ideas and more power to him for bringing them to market and promoting the heck out of them. I hope his marketing approach works.

Later I’d like to think and do more about an integrated approach to image processing that starts in the camera – using its tools like Canon’s Picture Styles most effectively – and moving on to Lightroom and, as a last resort, Photoshop.


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