LR2/Blog – Export from Lightroom to a Blog

I use this Lightroom add-in to export photos directly to this blog on WordPress.

LR2Blog Screen

It’s from Timothy Armes and is available here.

It’s very useful and does almost everything I want. My only criticism is that it does not remember my blog’s logon information if I use another exporter and then come back to this one.

I use Jeffrey Friedl’s plugins for Flickr and Picasa. They can remember logon information for multiple accounts. I have not looked where they store it though and whether it is in clear-text (a security issue.)


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4 Responses to “LR2/Blog – Export from Lightroom to a Blog”

  1. bkkphotographer Says:

    I also use Flickr’s “Blog This” feature to put images on this blog. That’s great but about 40% of the time it claims the export didn’t work. So I pressed the ‘export’ button again.

    Every time I ended up with two copies of the photo on the blog. Something is amiss in the loose coupling between Flickr and WordPress. It’s easy enough to delete the duplicate post but I should check WordPress before exporting again.

    I like the way LR2/Blog does not publlish the post but takes me to the editing screen where I can polish it before publishing. Flickr marks all posts as “uncategorized” for example.

    Is commenting on your own posts like talking to yourself? I didn’t think this was worth a separate post so a comment seemed a better way.

  2. bkkphotographer Says:

    Today I put a comment on Tim’s web page for Lr2Blog:


    You have probably haard this before, but please could you make Lr2Blog remember my blog’s login information always. If I use Lr2Blog all the time it remembers it even after a shut down and restart Lightroom. But if I switch to another export add-in and then switch back Lr2Blog has forgotten it.

    Jeff Friedl’s uploaders for Flickr, Picasa etc. manage to keep the information, but I haven’t looked where they store it and if it is secure.

    While you are at it, please consider supporting multiple blogs with persistent login information. Again Jeff supports multiple Flickr accounts so it should be possible.

    Thanks. I find your tool very useful to upload to WordPress.

  3. LR2Blog « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] having to re-enter three pieces of information each time I used LR2/Blog (see my post on the issue here). I purposely chose a difficult-to-guess password so I have to go to Password Safe (great little […]

  4. GB-in-TH Says:

    I gave up on LR2/Blog. See

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