AC Adapter

AC Adapter & Battery Charger

My Nikon Coolpix P6000 camera came supplied with an AC Adapter. It didn’t come with a battery charger. Of course the AC Adapter charges the battery in the camera and you can also use it for unlimited tethered shooting. (Note that you cannot shoot and recharge the battery at the same time.)

I have not seen a camera packaged like this before. Is it normal for Nikon cameras? It isn’t just for the Thai market – the review mentions it.

I think this is most inconvenient and I wonder why Nikon did it. If my battery runs down I cannot take my camera far from a power point until it has recharged the battery. I bought a second battery so I have a backup. The big screen and the GPS unit drink power and I read somewhere the battery is an old design.

I suppose Nikon’s thinking is that with one battery you may as well charge it in the camera. The issue only arises if you have more than one. That and doubtless an AC adapter is cheaper to manufacture than a battery charger. It’s an example of what I perceive as satang-pinching by Nikon.

I asked the Nikon dealer where I purchased the camera (in MBK Centre, Bangkok) if i could buy a separate charger. he said Nikon produce one but he didn’t have one in stock.

Next time I went to Panthip Plaza I bought a third-party no-name battery charger. It works fine and now I am happy.

When I come home with my camera I always plug it in and re-charge the battery. I only use the no-name charger if I had to change batteries while I was out.

I know Nikon warns about using third party chargers. I am suspicious of such warnings for chargers are such a high-profit item for the company. I am a little scared the no-name charger will malfunction, over-heat and explode but I am bearing that risk. Of all the risks in my life this is a tiny one.

My purchase process for the charger was a bit of a  re-education. I went to an official Nikon dealer in Panthip and asked if they had a real Nikon charger. The salesman said no, but he could get me a no-name one for 1,000 baht. I asked how much the Nikon charger was. He went all vague on me and said ‘a lot more’ and he did not know when they would get one.

I said ok to the no-name charger. He took me to a shop right next door and said something to the effect of ‘charge this water-buffalo 1,000 baht for a Nikon battery charger and pay me my cut later’. I am sure if I had had the sense to go there alone I would have got it far cheaper.

I am usually alert to this kind of thing, especially in Panthip, but that day I let my guard down. I wanted the charger and I wanted to go home (my feet ached as I had walked from Siam Square) so I paid the 1,000. But I had a little sour taste in my mouth: I consciously avoided Panthip for my next electronics purchase as a fine to them.

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