I found this gadget for taking self-portraits – the XShot.

I think a monopod would do just as well. I have one that I rarely use. I will try it out.

One problem I foresee is that a camera focuses when you press she shutter, not when it fires on self-timer. So if I hold the camera close enough so that I can set the self-timer and press the shutter then hold it further away on the end of the XShot then the picture will likely be out of focus.

The best focusing solution is to use a remote control. I invested in one for my Nikon P6000. But you still have to find somewhere to prop the camera.

Oh yes, while I am on the subject, one thing that often gets me is the persistence or lack thereof of camera settings. My Canon SLRs remember the self-timer setting even through a power cycle. That means I often forget to turn it off and am surprised when the camera is still on self-timer the next time I use it. I have missed shots like that.

My Sony and Nikon compacts only remember the self-timer setting for one shot. I have to remember to re-enable it for each shot. I have wasted shots like that.

Neither do what I want: keep the setting all the while the camera is turned on but forget it when I power-off. That would be such a minor software tweak. But camera software / firmware is a closed system. That is a subject for another blog entry. This one has meandered long enough already.

Nikon Coolpix P6000 Remote Control - a cool 1,000B in Thailand


One Response to “XShot”

  1. Toucanzoo Says:

    I too have has the same issues as you with the camera remembering the settings through a power cycle. it really gets on my nerves when I forget to turn it off. it always happens when I have the best shot in focus 🙂

    I bought a remote control for my canon but it cost me a lot more than 1000Bt,

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