Promoting a Blog

“I’ve never done this before”, said he innocently. I didnt know how to get people to look at the blog other than to write good content and hope visitors will come.

But there are millions of blogs out there. How to I get my tiny share of attention?

I decided to write a short Flickr mail to contacts I have corresponded with recently inviting them to take a look. I hope that is good netiquette and not considered spamming. Each message is individually crafted, so it can’t be spam, can it? (smile)

If you come here because you are pissed off at my message, sorry!


3 Responses to “Promoting a Blog”

  1. Gaeng Says:

    Goood luck.

  2. Toucanzoo Says:

    I am pissed off that I did not get this message earlier.


  3. bkkphotographer Says:

    39 views yesterday. I must be doing something right 🙂

    Look out Google, here I come.

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